Sex Lesson for Brother poster
Updated 2017-11-26
Developer gomasen(3D)
Language jap

Sex Lesson for Brother

Oniichan has been feverishly studying a how-to book of sex.
One day his little sister Kaho finds it.

It's time to begin a secret lesson with imouto...

* Where's her petite G-spot? How should I touch it?

* Let's soar to ecstasy in a loving stroke 'n' slip combination!

* Classic sex positions and "special" variations

Practice makes perfect, and little sister is oh so practiced...
Hot SEX with detailed, dirty step by step to get the most enjoyment.

[ Alternative animal ears ]
Choose your favorite mimi cosplay for imouto:
doggy ears (inumimi), kitty (nekomimi) or bunny (usamimi)

[ Movie nonstop feature ]
Pick the scenes you love for endless replay

[ Quality fluids ]
A beautiful hybrid of hand-drawn and digital sperm for
just the right viscosity! Special attention to sperm!

[ 3D option illustration shading ]
Enjoy the perfection of 2D girls in 3D dynamic motion.

* Please check out the trial version *
Taste the perversion and test your system specs.
Confirm and enjoy the full version.

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