Sex Lesson for Brother 2 poster
Updated 2018-04-23
Developer gomasen(3D)
Language jap

Sex Lesson for Brother 2

A little sister spends so much time in reading books in her room.
But she wants oniichan to take herself out of her room...

Just by chance, the protagonist found a book that she kept secret
from him in her room. The little sister's inner thoughts come out of her mouth...!

* A world of ecstasy expands with gentle touches

* What's the second erogenous zone?

* Various techniques for different positions

And more essences of sex written on the book are
recited by the little sister. Please enjoy and learn them.

The visual expression is further polished in pursuit of softer and warmer texture.
The 3D animations move even more smoothly and sleekly.
48 different movies can be freely organized to play in your favorite sequence.

Another lesson with a little sister, presented in gorgeous CG animations.

Please enjoy!

* Please Check Before Purchasing *
Smooth playback of animations require a certain level of performance.
Please check it via the trial version before purchasing.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Sex Lesson for Brother 2 screenshotSex Lesson for Brother 2 screenshotSex Lesson for Brother 2 screenshot

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