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Updated 2019-08-19
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School Pandemonium

Two teachers at Amanohikari Academy, Amelia and Sylvia Amemiya,are sisters with a secret they can't tell anyone.
They are both succubi that came from the demon world, but hide their true forms and live peacefully among humans.

An ancient succubus weapon called "Yuna-Lalana" breaks its 500 year old seal, sends the demon world into panic,
then begins to make its way into the human world.
Soon Amanohikari Academy is captured by succubi looking to create a new world order of eros.

Can the two sisters escape from the clutches of the demons who want to "re-educate" them?

A top-down view 3D RPG, set in a school. Walk softly to avoid detection.
Manipulate sounds to deceive guards. Confuse enemies by setting traps.
Avoid battle; you get little for winning.

Losing in battle or giving up leads to a sex scene.
But the game can be restarted from a checkpoint.

- the body moves the way it has been trained, even if the mind says no
- made to accept their hidden identity as succubi, they happily accept their situations
- humiliation and breeding by emotionless monsters
- complete control through magic, and being turned into slaves
and so on...

Scenario support by Clam Chowder
Illustrations by Miyabi Tatsuto
- (Pixiv)
- (Twitter)
Coloring by Partner
- (Twitter)

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