VREA R Crimson girl with CLOSED school poster
Updated 2022-03-26
Developer onsenyukisoft
Language original
Total size 1gb
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VREA R Crimson girl with CLOSED school

Original title: VREA R 紅色の少女と閉鎖された学校

The girls who participated in the trial of the new VR・MMORPG、
for the reward you get from escaping a closed school、
I wanted to clear the game.

However, the production of new games and so on did not exist from the beginning、
behind the virtual world, a millionaire's bet is held、
The winner was given the right to brainwash the girl and commit it to her liking.

in an unusual virtual world、
A hero with the ability to bring in a large amount of real-world information、
She is joined as a "red girl" by the raid boss.





"VREA R 紅色の少女と閉鎖された学校" by onsenyukisoft is available for you by a search aggregator and is available for free download. The total size of this game is 1 GB. Try out other clothed and female protagonist free games to find your favourite. Check out the screenshots of this game to get familiar with the style, genre and gameplay. Leave a comment to help other players know more about it. You can find more NSFW games using search and tags.
Game screenshots:
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