School Girl Courage Test: Open House poster
Updated 2016-09-12
Developer T-ENTA-P
Language jap
Version 1.1b

School Girl Courage Test: Open House

The girls are grown up and graduated, but the dares never end!
OG heroines from T-ENTA-P's Courage Test game series return as adults,
risking it all in a terrifying abandoned house!

Use various "bibiri items" on the girls, frightening them into a blackout (fainting)!
Once they're hopeless and prone, the deviant janitor can have his way.


The player is a janitor of a girls high school.
Target 7 young women from the good ol' school days + 1 student.

Three chances to make them faint.
Three ways to persecute.
18 items to max out their gauge!
Terrify them into heart-racing panics, blackouts, then in their helpless state...

(Start of game: 12 items available)

Creampie for pregnancy, use items to create bowel movements!

Created with RPG Tkool MV.

Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

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