School Girl Courage Test 5 (DLC4 - Exchange Students) poster
Updated 2020-12-01
Developer T-ENTA-P

School Girl Courage Test 5 (DLC4 - Exchange Students)

Three new dutch wife victims arrive for the peerless janitor.

A girl from America, a girl from Russia, and a girl from Thailand are about to
experience a cultural exchange (of sexual fluids)!


* Mori Boyd
3nd year student
Height: 174cm
Breasts: 89
Waist: 70
Hips: 88
An American girl that has turned town countless invitations to the track team.
Perhaps due to a bad influence from her parents, she seems to like making fun of Japanese

Normal heart rate: 63

* Olga Vujacic
1st year student
Height: 169cm
Breasts: 85
Waist: 64
Hips: 83

A Russian girl that loves anime, and going to Akihabara on days off.
It's said she doesn't mind getting otaku to pay for her meals...

Normal heart rate: 60

* Acchara Ghitti
2nd year student
Height: 159cm
Breasts: 84
Waist: 59
Hips: 81

A Thai girl that hopes to work in Japan someday.
Her appearance when she feels good and bad at school stands out

DLC version: 1.0b

* This product requires at latest version (1.6e+) of "School Girl Courage Test 5 (RE245112)" to play.

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