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Updated 2020-03-10
Developer H.H.WORKS.
Language rus
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2.17 (1259)

Sakurako Quest (Exposure RPG)

* Latest version 1.10
Text correction, event trigger fix

Wander town as Sakurako, risking shame with public naughtiness.

* The thrill of exposure
Pleasure is even more intense when anyone could walk by and see it.
Make choices during events that will lead to up to 3 other events later.
In the later part of the game, the action becomes harder core.
Additionally, passersby will come randomly.

When Sakurako is seen her vulnerability rises and the danger of assault is higher.

There are 3 endings, including a possible "virgin run".

* Contents
35 base CGs, over 150 total incl. variations
Replay mode
Branching options
Walkthrough hints
Pubic hair on/off for pose artwork
Reset option for shame level

* Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free).

Sakurako Quest (Exposure RPG) screenshotSakurako Quest (Exposure RPG) screenshotSakurako Quest (Exposure RPG) screenshot

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