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Updated 2018-01-03
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Country Life Survival RPG ~making ends meet~

Naoko Enjoji was raised in a home of wealth and luxury.
Suddenly, she was uprooted by a condition for her schooling:

"The mistress will experience life in my hometown."

Naoko had to live like Charlotte, her lowly mansion servant,
to learn humility and survival. This was her condition.

Naoko was confused and uncooperative at first,
but Charlotte was able to persuade her. So began
Naoko's life of survival in the countryside.

Train fare was 15800 yen.
If Naoko wanted to go home, she had to scrape together the money.
Until then, she and Charlotte were out here on their own...

Explore the mountains, towns and village!
Collect garbage, fish the rivers!

* GAME *
Play as protagonist Naoko Enjoji,
a wealthy girl in an unfamiliar rural setting.
Sell fish! Sell discarded items!
Eat and drink and stay alive, and level up!
Money is hard to come by!
You're not a thief for salvaging cardboard and junk.
But you are if you steal from homes!

Decide what's important based on basic needs and urges:
your stomach is growling with hunger; you need to pee and poop;
you like to be naked but indecent exposure is a crime!;
you want to have fun at night, but it's dangerous!!!

H scenes help you adapt (raise your level) in certain skill areas.
You can kill bugs and animals for experience, and you can
efficiently level up by doing activities on the island.
Adapt to improve "ecchi skill" and extend "underwater diving time".

There are several gauges you'll want to keep in balance:
stress, strength, fullness (stomach), hydration, and two wastes (poop, bladder).
Depending on your situation, you may suffer various bad statues:
inability to fight, criminalism, hunger, food poisoning, stomach pain, stress,
dirtiness (mud), dirtiness (semen), soiling/incontinence.

* No matter who else is in your party, if Naoko's strength reaches 0 in battle,
it will be a game over after hte battle, so watch out!

40 base HCG images
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free).

Country Life Survival RPG ~making ends meet~ screenshotCountry Life Survival RPG ~making ends meet~ screenshotCountry Life Survival RPG ~making ends meet~ screenshot

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