Saint Lelia and the Ruins of the Cthulhu poster
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Updated 2022-03-15
Developer D.R.
Language original
Total size 124mb
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Saint Lelia and the Ruins of the Cthulhu

Original title: 聖女レリアと邪神遺跡

◆ Synopsis
The land of the far north is desolate and there is no figure, monsters are rampant.The body of the evil god Baal is buried here.
In order to revive the evil god, there were Xie Jiao followers who were collecting their corpses.
The story of Saint Lelia begins with this desolate land.
While exorcising the demon, Lelia goes through the dark forest and overcomes the cold snow mountain to find the traces of the evil spirit.
The journey ends at the northern end of the continent, at the end of the legendary world.

◆ Game content
- It is a side-scrolling action game with a dot picture as the main
- Use your dash skills freely to avoid enemy attacks, see the enemy's gap and counterattack
- Strengthen your skills and learning abilities by defeating enemies
- By repeating the challenge, find a way to defeat the BOSS little by little

◆ Specifications
- Some voices available
- Total number of dot eros: 13
- Total number of stages: 5

◆ Operation method
Move --- "←" "→"
attack... z.
Jump --- "X"
Dash... "C"
Menu --- "Esc"
Back to the title screen --- "F5"


◆ あらすじ

◆ ゲームの内容
・ ドット絵をメインとする横スクロールアクションゲームである
・ ダッシュ技を自由に使って敵の攻撃を避けて、敵の隙を見て反撃する
・ 敵を倒すことで自分の技と学習能力を強化する
・ 挑戦を繰り返すことで、BOSSを倒す方法を少しずつ見つける

◆ スペック
・ 一部ボイスあり
・ ドットエロ総数:13
・ 総ステージ数:5

◆ 操作方法
移動 ---「←」「→」
攻撃 ---「Z」
ジャンプ ---「X」
ダッシュ ---「C」
メニュー ---「Esc」
タイトル画面に戻る ---「F5」

"聖女レリアと邪神遺跡" by D.R. is provided for you by our large game collection and is available for free download. All files of the game is 124 MB. Try out other female protagonist and dot/pixel games to find the best. Take a look at provided screenshots of "聖女レリアと邪神遺跡" to learn more about genre and gamepay. Leave a comment to help other players know more about it. Find more NSFW games using our rich search.

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

Game screenshots:
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