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Updated 2020-06-20
Developer pixel-teishoku
Rip by s-hentai

Midnight Castle Succubus

* Succubus Hunter's Way
Succubus issues threats against humanity once every 100 years.
While men die weirdly and young women disappear one by one,
a succubus hunter visits a cursed city under the moonlight.
Let's rescue abducted girls and defeat the succubus!

* 64 HCGs (25 newly drawn HCGs)
* 36 H pixel animations (25 newly drawn H pixel animations)

* Main Weapons
- Leather Whip: Short-range and deals less damage. You have this by default.
- Thorn Whip: Long and twice as strong as Lether Whip.
- Chain Whip: Twice as strong as Thorn Whip.
- Flame Whip: Twice as strong as Chain Whip. Effective against ice.
- Ice Whip: Twice as strong as Chain Whip. Effective against flame.
- Magic Whip: Twice as strong as Flame Whip. Throws a magic ball.

* Sub Weapons
- Scythe: Goes in a ballistic trajectory and penetrates through enemies.
- Boomerang: Goes to the corner of the screen and returns.
- Bomb: Stays still for a moment and deals damage to enemies.
- Clock: Stops enemies' movements for seconds.
- Cross: Aims and chases after a nearby enemy.

* HCGs and H Pixel Animations
There are 16 girls confined somewhere in the vast map.
An HCG will be shown when you come close to a girl and
an H pixel animation when you arrive in the scene where she is confined.

* H Scenes
When she gets lethal damage while clothed, her HP becomes 1 and she gets naked!
If she is damaged without clothes, she will fall prey to monsters.

* 4x Difficulty Levels:

Actions to be added as the game progresses:
- Air Jump (jump twice)
- Dash (press right/left key twice)
- Attack Downward/diagonally downward (down (+ right/left) + attack key in the air)
- Wall Jump (jump on the wall)
- Vertical High Jump (up key + jump after down key)
- Swimming (mush jump button in the water)
- Flying (mush jump button in the air)
- Hovering (hold up button in the air)

* Supports Gamepad
Xbox 360 gamepad's default setting is pre-set.
In-game key configuration is implemented.

Planning/Production: pixel-teishoku
Graphic: Libra Heart
Music/SFX: (C) PANICPUMPKIN / YouFulca
Font: Misaki Font

* This product uses the same image materials as:
"Castle of Succubus (RE156689)"
"Succubus to Muttsu no Mahou (RJ203314)".

* You can switch between Japanese and English on the title screen.

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