Sadistic Maid Rebellion poster
Updated 2020-09-04
Developer 7th octopus  
Version 1.1)
Rip by s-hentai

Sadistic Maid Rebellion

Try to evade the maids as you attempt to escape the mansion.
Get caught by the maids and they'll do naughty things to you.

When you're caught, your health will deplete. When it reaches 0, you ejaculate.
By inputting the commands that appear when you're captured, you can escape, but
if you mess up, more maids will join in.
If you ejaculate, you'll be be imprisoned and a discipline scene will play out.
This will lead to your level falling and your total health dropping.
Get disciplined 7 times and it's game over.
Escape the mansion before it's too late!

Ero-scenes are all animated (in all of them, the girls are in charge)
- Around 13 kinds of movie when captured, and 7 discipline scenes
- Each movie has two viewpoints, and there are 12 types of maids
- The mansion has traps, and other surprises lie in store

Please check compatibility with the demo version before purchase.

Download Sadistic Maid Rebellion from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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