Ruthless Shojo Slavery poster
Updated 2014-07-26
Developer Himitsu Kessha
Language jap
Served by
1.93 (47)

Ruthless Shojo Slavery

A man buys a young girl from the market, shackles her in his basement, breaks her spirit...

Make the helpless girl a docile, mindless sex slave in this brutal animated Flash game.

4 modes of play to cater to your preferred interest:
Pleasure mode (toys), Facial mode (facef*cking, slapping),
Body mode (groping, titf*cking), Pain mode (torture)
Multiple endings are possible depending on what you do

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Ruthless Shojo Slavery screenshotRuthless Shojo Slavery screenshotRuthless Shojo Slavery screenshot

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