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Updated 2020-05-27
Developer Banana King
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Queen's Glory

* The "Strategy SLG" game of operating the country.
* Language Switchable: English, Japanese, Korean , Chinese Traditional
and Chinese Simplified.

[Story Summary]
In 1653, the Cesten Empire tore up the "Twenty Years Peace Treaty" and
launched a surprise attack on the Norman Kingdom. Facing the powerful
forces of the Cesten Empire, the totally unprepared Norman was completely

The Norman capital was occupied, the two princes died in the battle and the
king died of serious injuries. The old king passed the throne to his daughter
[Alisa] before he died.

You will play the Queen [Alisa] who was granted the throne in times of crisis.
Facing the threat of the Cesten Empire and the covetous eyes of the
neighboring countries, can you lead Norman to survive in the desperate
situation of losing the country? Can you lead Norman to revenge against
Cesten Empire after three years?

[Gameplay Instructions]
There are three national political affairs in the game every month. You must
strike a balance and achieve development among [Military], [Economy],
[Agriculture], [Politics], and [Popularity].

There will be many events during the game, including reforms, noble
rebellion, the aggression of neighboring countries and financial reforms. It is
recommended to develop various values of the country, balance the domestic
political factions and capitalize on wisdom to develop the country and defeat
the strong enemy in desperate situations!

[Game Features]
- Voices of heroine and female supporting roles throughout the game.
- 32 pieces of basic CGs, including 200 different pieces.
- SLG game of country operation and strategy simulation
- Game endings: 3 types

[Characteristic System]
- Enable full CG mode in environment settings to browse HCG freely
- Stress-free operation design
* Support one-click operation for mouses
* Quick text-jumping system

Download Queen's Glory from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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