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Updated 2022-02-01
Developer huurainodan
Language original
Total size 413mb
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Lucy and the City of Desire

Original title: ルーシィと欲望の街

can i get my student id back??
4 days of girls who run through the streets of Sekisho swirling desire!!

The main character is a student Lucy enrolled in the Medic department of the adventurer training organization ”Farnas Magic Academy”.
She travels to the remote village of Ribble to take the school's graduation exam.
However, in the middle of the journey, in the city of Lucelia, which is a relay point, the student ID required to take the graduation exam is stolen.
The long-distance carriage from Lucelia to the village of Ribble leaves in the morning 3 days later.Can I get my student ID back and leave safely by then? ......?

"Lucy's Graduation Exam".Because it is a prequel, it is okay even if it is not played!
Earn city accommodation with quests and events while looking for stolen student ID cards.
The battle is simple in the end, the search and avoidance of etch events to explore the city is the contents of the center.


From the product version 1.01, Etch scene fully open button was installed after week 2

Product version 1.04 a
Trial version 1.02 a
Please check the operation in the trial version








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