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Updated 2018-03-12
Version 1.10
Developer Monoeye
Language rus
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2.22 (4712)

Prostitute of Magmell [Japanese Ver.]


* Story *

Life changed when her father died.
Claire was dumped into the street where she turned tricks for money.
Once a noble daughter, now a whore, through bitter tears
and degradation she dreamed of somehow taking her life back.

* System *

Prostitute of Magmell is an adult-only RPG with various commands based on customer interaction.

Dance at the cabaret, drink at the bar, entertain clients,
have sex, choosing from 10 varieties of commands
which produce different results.

Dress up Claire in outfits to evoke catcalls, capture the idiosyncratic tastes of men.

* Attention *

The game is brief at about 1 hour of gameplay.
Enjoy it when you have some spare time knowing you can beat it quickly.
There are 7 customers, 5 outfits -- only some of the outfits
are reflected in the H scenes.

Prostitute of Magmell [Japanese Ver.] screenshotProstitute of Magmell [Japanese Ver.] screenshotProstitute of Magmell [Japanese Ver.] screenshot

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