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Updated 2017-09-09
Developer Monoeye
Language eng
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2.26 (37)

Witch Chronicles


In a much-troubled town, a good witch offers solutions.
Whether it's healing the people or solving their issues,
she gives it her best -- although sometimes it gets a bit naughty.
She does good; that's what witches do.


[Gather] Find ingredients in the forest to make potions. There's danger!
[Mix] Create motions with your ingredients. It's easy!
[Diagnose] Learn what ails a person and heal them. Sometimes they need advice.
[Reward] Get paid! A witch's fee may be collected in sperm.

Short gameplay of about 1 hour.
See the readme.txt (Japanese) for configurations.
Created with RPG TKool VX Ace.

Witch Chronicles screenshotWitch Chronicles screenshot

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