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Updated 2018-12-24
Developer milk angel
Language jap

Princess Prince ~Feminized Royal Boy Lute's Erotic Adventure~

* Story *

A month has passed since the revival of the demon lord was reported.
Under the command of General Rabal, the army of the Kingdom rushes
into the castle of the demon lord, but nobody returned.

Lute, the prince of the Tissonia Kingdom with a mastery of sword,
earns fame for his people-centered governance.

He solely goes, as the last hope, for defeating the demon lord.
However, the battle between the two results in his feminization.

S/he barely escaped, for a cost of her power lost with feminization.

It is not enough discouraging for her to give up, though.
While seducing enemies with her feminine body, she continues
her journey to the castle of the demon lord again.

For the sake of people and the world peace!

* Game *

30 base CG (not incl. pose art), 340 CG total

[Erotic Attacks]
Ruffians do what they would in the kingdom due to a severe reduction
in the number of soldiers. With the feminized body and lessen power,
Lute has to take advantage of her feminine body to manage battles.

- Lifting upskirt (takes the enemy's attention away)
- Showing p*ssy (makes the enemy bend his body forward & diminishes his attack)
- Deep kiss handjob (makes the enemy fatigued & diminishes health and defense)
- Fellatio (makes the enemy cum & diminishes health and speed)
- Titjob (diminishes health and causes a radical decrease in accuracy)
- Pissing (splashes piss against the enemy to throws him into confusion)
- Cowgirl sex (diminishes health and prevent skills)
- Anal sex (diminishes the enemy's skill radically and makes him unable to move for a while)

There are 8 erotic skills described above.
Use these skills wisely to get the best of battles!

[H Events]
Defeat H, soldiers' sexual harassment, r*pe, prostitution, outdoor exhibitionism, masturbation etc.
Scenes you have seen can be replayed in the reminiscence room in the menu.

[Clothing Damage]
Lute's clothes could be stripped off during battles.
Her skirt drops off, and eventually bra and even panties!
Clothing damage is to be reflected also in erotic attacks and pose art display.

[Lewd Level]
Her lewd level increases on each erotic activity during the journey.
The lewd level is related to the acquisition of new erotic skills.
Also, her facial expression during erotic attacks will change
and she becomes able to walk around the town in nasty clothes
when the lewd level is high enough.

Message Skip, On/Off Message Window, Perma-Dash, Sound Volume Adjustment, 640x480 Resolution

Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

Princess Prince ~Feminized Royal Boy Lute's Erotic Adventure~ screenshotPrincess Prince ~Feminized Royal Boy Lute's Erotic Adventure~ screenshotPrincess Prince ~Feminized Royal Boy Lute's Erotic Adventure~ screenshot

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