Princess' Happy Regular Life and Traumatic Irregular Life poster
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Updated 2020-07-23
Developer Mackey Nakatsu
Total size 279mb
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Princess' Happy Regular Life and Traumatic Irregular Life

It's an RPG that traumatizes a princess who lives a brilliant life.

Originally it is a game to spend a brilliant daily life as a princess.
However, a little action will change to an indecent and insidious extraordinary beyond the everyday.
Control the princess and change her life

Why don't you love a prince from another country and marry him happy?!
It is also at will to let you experience unprotected rape by sending out to the castle town!
No matter how badly the princess goes through, the game goes on.
It won't end until you marry someone and have a child!

< < It is an introduction to the daily life of the Princess>>
Morning :get up in the elegant bedroom
   Dress up and eat

Day :royal duties with the King

Evening: Wow!The free time I've been waiting for!!!

Evening :and dine gracefully
   Take a bath and change your clothes with your maid.
   And gracefully bedtime.What is it?

< < This is an example of behavior that leads a princess to extraordinary circumstances>>
Princess is a natural character
You can make a mistake in your underwear, or you can fail with a drink that you accidentally drank....
There is such a laughable extraordinary…

We also visit extraordinary things that change our lives in our free time
Or have been naughty mischief from the tutor
It's quite possible that if you're off guard during a walk, you're raped by the poor.

Let's drive the Princess's life crazy.
○It is a game to experience until the child is born married to someone○
It is a life of meeting princes of other countries and developing into love and marriage when living normally…
Let me make friends with the SS chief of the neighborhood guard
How about meeting a young man with a dream in the city, even the rich and poor of the wealthy merchants?
If you dare to meet the lowest slavery so often, you will have a pretty turbulent life waiting for you.

○How about a way of life beyond the game concept○
Getting married and having children is boring!
Why don't you go on an amazing adventure!?

- World setting of this game-
The country where the princess lives is under various threats.
Not only the threat of our neighbours, but also the discontent within our country.
The enemy is not necessarily human.
It also targets the undead and succubus that are unique to the fantasy world.
In addition, there is a secret that never appears in the castle.…

- You can practice combat as a warrior
・You can work in the castle town

○This work has been produced in RPG Maker MV
 Please be sure to check the trial version for Operation check

○The ending of each route in how to play not to marry beyond the game concept
 It will be the game end





朝 :優雅な寝室で起床

昼 :王様とともに王族の公務


夜 :そして優雅にお食事



街で豪商のお金持ちや 貧民でも夢のある青年と出会わせるのはどうでしょう。






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