Pleasure fallen RPG ~ Sister becomes a female in the erotic trap ~ poster
Updated 2022-09-26
Developer パラミアド
Language original
Total size 648mb
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Pleasure fallen RPG ~ Sister becomes a female in the erotic trap ~

Original title: 快楽堕ちRPG~シスターはエロトラップで雌になる~

◆ Basic CG7 sheets◆
Except for standing pictures, the CG used for erotic events is 7 sheets except the difference.
* Erotic event is 6 scenes.

◆ Assumed play time ◆
About 2 to 3 hours.

◆screen size ◆
The game screen size is 1280 ×960

◆ Story ◆
Riti, who lives in the village of Kant as a Seraphian priest, has a lover, Danielly.
Because Seraphia teaches that if you keep a clean relationship for three years, you will be allowed to marry and have sex, so Ritty, who has never kissed and has never had sex, was looking forward to the day when you can love your lover for the first time.
And tomorrow is the third year of dating.The two are looking forward to tomorrow, but the news that Danielly has been kidnapped by Damon arrives to Rity.
to get danielly back, rity goes to the damon's residence, but it was a damon trap to make rity his own.……

◆ Game system ◆
A royal road RPG game system that goes ahead by raising the level to defeat the enemy and aligning the equipment.
The battle can be accelerated by pressing the double speed button.
During the battle, a standing picture of the hero Liti is displayed.The damage is reduced by the HP and the standing picture changes.
The standing picture changes even by removing the equipment.It is also possible to proceed through the dungeon with underwear appearance and naked, but the battle becomes difficult by that amount.

※ This work is produced in RPG Maker MV.








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