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Updated 2012-09-12
Developer VALKYRIA
Language jap

Play! Play! Play!

From the R*pe! R*pe! R*pe! Series comes a super! Super! Super! Outrageous work!

Chain-linked r*pe! A miraculous 18 girls + assortments!
Ram, shoot and penetrate! If there's a fleshy hole, it's yours to probe!!

Choose from your fiancee, schoolgirl, college student, younger sister, teacher, nun, hairless little girl, broken hearted lover, kendo girl, news anchor, hillbilly, voice idol, a total bitch and more!

Violate! Violate! Violate! Wield your d*ck like a sex god.

R.A.P.E. system integration!
Thoroughly check each girl to make sure not one escapes!

* NO censorship for text and audio!
- Read and hear every dirty word throughout the game!
- All 18 characters + assortments are fully voiced!
- More than 400 CG images! Unbelievable content at this price!

High quality, jaw-dropping art from Wazakita!

Demo version is available at

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