Updated 2018-02-04
Developer ktrsw
Language jap


* Character introductions and control instructions available on our website.
* Regarding quick controls in this game, a gaming controller compatible
with RPG TKool VX Ace is required (recommend one with L / R buttons.)

In the year 20XX, Japanese people are threatened by mysterious living things
so called "Creatures" that suddenly showed up on the earth. Because of its lack
of military force, the Japanese Government has organized a special task force
consists only of women with superior physical ability.

The country's peace has been kept owing to actions of them, by the code name FAIRY.
While one of FAIRY Airi Kunitachi and her partner Tarou Yamada are going through
a number of missions, however, they come to notice the existence of a conspiracy.

Features Of Game
- Approx. 7 hours of playtime (estimated)
>> The story has many comedy scenes.

- Over 40 base CGs
>> H scenes are displayed with animations. Please check PV and the trial version.

- Event reminiscence mode and Animation playback mode available (also in the trial)
>> You can choose voices and SFX to play during animation playback.

- Voices are implemented in many scenes
>> In battles, H scenes etc. You can turn it on / off in Config.

- Quick reference of input method
>> The control instruction is written on the background of status screen.

- Contains mini game
>> You can play "Blackjack" in casino. Need more money? Here you go!

Disclaimers (Must-Read)
- PCs with lower spec may be unable to run this game properly.

- We do not provide any support for inconveniences due to your PC's spec.
Thus please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

- Contains vast dungeons.

- Message skip function (ctrl key) sometimes causes sudden stop of the animation.

- Requires a gaming controller (recommend one with L / R buttons.).

- To ensure not to sound erotic voices, please perform settings
in property instead of in-game setting menu.

- Please check the quality of animations in PV and the trial version.

- In case of occasional heavy loading, animations sometimes freeze
(mushing D key may resolve the problem temporarily). To avoid this,
please change graphic settings only while no animation is displayed.

- The game system is subject to be changed upon announcement on our website.

- The play time of this game is only estimation derived from
average time of the creator's repeated play-through.

* Created with RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:
* Created with Heptanas Crawl script materials

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