Oppai Phantasia II: DEUX Complete PakaPaka Edition poster
Updated 2016-07-28
Developer tondes
Language jap
Total size 691mb
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Oppai Phantasia II: DEUX Complete PakaPaka Edition

Quest system - embark on quests using the Quest Counter;
each successful completion boosts your Oppai development

Oppai development system - as this rises you increase
developments and options in the city

Lewdness level - each sex event increases this level,
which leads to more sex events... no downside! however
you can choose to try and complete the game with zero lewdness

Zero lewdness - this setting limits the lewdness level from rising;
difficulty will be slightly increased,
but it gives a bonus to your Oppai level and if you beat the game
at zero lewdness you will unlock a special reward

Harvesting - collect bits and bobs around the map
which can be used to make items

Crafting - turn items into better weapons and armor

Spheres - special equipment that raises your proficiency level

Balance and support - the game is designed for various modes of progress,
so you can go fast or make battles easier with weapons and spheres;
essentially, the game is balanced to help the player, however you play.

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