oniichan, help me!~i was asked to do the bride training at night~~ poster
Updated 2022-04-29
Developer アンモライト
Language original
Total size 614mb
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oniichan, help me!~i was asked to do the bride training at night~~

Original title: お兄ちゃん、手伝って!~夜の花嫁修業を頼まれて…~

"Oniichan, I have a consultation! Become a training ground for the bride's training."
"Bride training......practice table?」
"I tried all the housework with my older brother, so this time ......this time that .....................................you understand!」

I ”Wakebe Mitsuyoshi“ and ”Nakagawara Natsuhiko“ and his sister ”Nakagawara Nanaka" have been spending together since childhood with childhood friends.
Now it is not so rare that ”Shichika" comes to my room as a man、
It is a relationship that can not be placed, and for some reason only when you are alone, she calls me "Oni-chan".
One day, she said such a thing.

"Evening bride training?」
"That's right.It's a night of bride training."

Is there a difference between day and night in the bride-to-be's work?

"What, why me?"you should ask natsuhiko, right?」
"What is it?" you can't ask your real brother to do that, can you?」

"No, what kind of content is it?He did not answer.

"The only thing I can ask for like this is my brother.so please!」

In the end, he was pushed by the sword curtain of "Shichika" and helped with the "Evening bride training".、

"Well then ......I'll start right away."

"Shichika" put his hand on his clothes and began to take off ....


「お兄ちゃん、相談があるんだけどっ! 花嫁修業の練習台になって」




「はぁ? 本当のお兄ちゃんに、そんなこと頼めるわけないでしょ!」






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