My friend's sister is Oshioki hope ~ Love and passion of ass pen pen ~ poster
Updated 2023-03-13
Developer アンモライト
Language original
Total size 483mb
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My friend's sister is Oshioki hope ~ Love and passion of ass pen pen ~

Original title: 友達の妹はオシオキ希望 ~愛と情熱のお尻ぺんぺん~

"If my brother pats my ass, I can concentrate on my studies."

In the middle of summer vacation.
A childhood friend who vacates his house at a club camp、
During that time, I was asked to tutor my sister had a head.

He and his childhood friend's sister, Yuri, have been spending time together like a real brother and sister.
i was called "oniichan" before i knew it.、
I have no sense of incongruity for such Yuri.

However, Yuri has no intention of studying at all ......

i ran away yesterday, and today i thought i was lying down at the study desk、
If you hit me, you float your ass, stick it out, and you are provoking me.

While realizing that the symbol of the man is strong in front of the ass of the beautiful girl、
i swing the palm of the oshioki as a tutor.








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