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Updated 2013-09-03
Developer Nekokoya
Size 574mb
Language rus
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Ripped by: Unknown
2.22 (142)


While at a dump, you pick up a thrown away dog-human creature called "Mikku".

Your warm and delightfully naughty cohabitation with your new pet is about to begin!

This is an adventure game where you can play with and have sex with our big breasted puppy-girl to your heart's content using a Flash touch system and enjoy smooth animation from AfterEffect.

One-Cli features the following distinct systems:

* Action Palette

With the introduction of this system, the issue of hard to find touch spots is resolved.

* DIS (Double Idikuri System)

This system allows you to use your mouse and keyboard separately to tease our heroine even more.

* RAS (Random Animation System)

This system eliminates the simple looping animation and provides a different presentation of animation whenever you watch.

* Screen Minimizing and Maximizing/Rotation (Bonus Only)

While available only in the bonus features, you can freely minimize and maximize, as well as rotate, the screens. (However, the movement might be slightly delayed for those whose computers are on the lower end of our spec requirements).

* Note: this game requires relatively high specs. We recommend that those who do not have confidence in their specs or who are running older machines to please download the trial version.

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