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Updated 2020-11-17
Developer dieselmine-Int'l-

Nightmare School ~Lost Girls~ [English ver.]

This is the English version of "Nightmare School ~Lost Girls~ (RJ244945)"
Audio remains in Japanese, but text has been translated.

Our hero enters a school for training, but the moment he steps into the classroom, he gets
swarmed and raped by schoolgirls! Escape the school while avoiding the mob of lewd ladies!

- Forced cowgirl in the classroom
- Getting endlessly squeezed dry while being treated like a chair
- Get caught in a game of tag, and it's gang-rape time!
- And more...!

Our hero enters a school for training. He had a weird feeling about the strange place as soon as he
passed through the gate, and then a lone girl called out to him. She led him to a classroom... and as
soon as he entered, he was attacked and assaulted.

This is a mysterious school that's not on any map -- nor does anyone seem to have heard of it.
Can our off-track hero find his way out? or will he be trapped in the school forever?


Girl with Long, Black Hair
CV: Rio Kosaka
A mysterious, otherwordly girl.

Excitable Girl
CV: Ryou Suzuki
A twintailed girl with lots of energy.

Twin Girls
CV: Aino Mimori
Twin sisters who are nearly identical.

Quiet Girl
CV: Aosa
A calm girl who's always reading books.

And the rest...!
CVs: Rio Kisaka
Ryou Suzuki
Aino Mimori
Chiroru Oyama

Other girls who lie in wait, hoping to ambush our hero and have their way with him.

Scenario: Nagano Ueda
Art: INO
Pixel Animation: L Buffer

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