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Updated 2022-01-27
Developer dieselmine-Int'l-
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My H Summer Vacation ~Days in Countryside and Memories of Summer~ (ENG Ver.)

Memories of a summer spent in the countryside.

Summer festival, girl in white dress, bittersweet summer. ......

There are lots of naughty events! Night crawling, wet clothes, erotic books, bathing together, public sex...etc.

If you feel like you want to go back to that time because you became a adult......This's the summer memory for you.

This is a 3DRPG where protagonist returns to the countryside, enjoys his summer vacation and create bittersweet memories by playing, having sex, and doing all sorts of other things.

・Skirt-flipping together with a naughty boy.

・Night crawling when everyone is asleep.

・Two people taking shelter from the rain at a bus stop.

・Public sex in the nearby forest during summer festival.

・You found a erotic book!

・Rubbing Yurika's breasts from behind while she's doing her homework!

・Take advantage of your big sister Aika and try your hand at skirt-flipping!

・Bathing with Yurika

・Having a quiz where Yurika tried to guess the taste of ice cream (there's also a H-stick) blindfolded...

・Having nipple sucking and hand job as a reward for getting 100 points on a test!

・Drunken Aika pushes you down...!

・H with Yurika that got wet in the rain!

・Forbidden sex with both sisters!

In the hot sunny summer ......, I came to the countryside.
Grandpa take me to his house where I would spend my summer vacation.

There was a girl in a white dress .......

Bug catching, play tag, skirt flipping, summer festivals, girl drying her wet clothes at the waterside......
The bittersweet memories of the summer make me an adult.


Main character (Insert your name)

 You came to the countryside alone because of your parents' work schedule.
 You'll be left in the care of maternal grandfather for the summer vacation.
 You are mischievous and curious about sexual stuffs, but lacks knowledge about it.

・Yurika CV: Ryou Suzuki

 "It's nice to meet you! My name is Yurika."

 A bright girl in a white dress.
 She is a relative of protagonist's grandfather and lives under the same roof with the protagonist.
 She often scolds the protagonist for his mischievous acts, but they get along well as they spend most of their time together.
 She looks mature but she is rather innocent and adorable.
 As her breasts are large for her age, making her an easy target for the protagonist's pranks.

・Aika CV: Maria Ayana

 "Hmmm, two must be close."
 She is Yurika's older sister and is very caring.
 She is kind and maternal, and takes care of protagonist and Yurika when protagonist's grandfather is busy with farming.
 While she is mature, she becomes a bit sloppy when she drinks alcohol.
 Even though protagonist often plays naughty pranks on her, she still forgives him while warning him.
 She is modest, but she is rather defenseless since she thinks of protagonist as a younger brother and loves him,
 However, she is super scary when she gets angry...
 She wears her hair in an updo and has quite big breasts.


"Let's play a game! Today we're going to ...... do some skirt flipping and guess their panties' color!"

The protagonist's bad friend and rival.
He get along well with protagonist, but they often compete to see who is better.
He often get protagonist involved in bug catching, skirt flipping, and fights.
He is an idiot and a goody-goody like the protagonist.
He sees the protagonaist who lives with Yurika as a rival because he loves Yurika.

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