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Updated 2020-06-07
Developer Tsuyoi Ko
Size 135mb
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Nightmare School

Bad girl Sayaka Saitou and honor student Mio Shimizu couldn't be more different, but they're best friends.
One day the two of them are sucked into a nightmarish, monster-infested version of their school,
and have to work together to escape. Will they make it out in one piece...?

Game Content:
- 20 base ero scenes + variations, all rendered in pixellated style!
- No leveling or battles, so you can focus on exploration!
- This is the second work in the Nightmare series!
- For those who don't plan to play the first work,
please visit the page and read the story before trying this one.

Circle Information:
Circle Tsuyoi Ko
Creator: 城井正史 (Contact: :[email protected]) 

I eagerly await your comments and feedback!

Nightmare School screenshotNightmare School screenshotNightmare School screenshot

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