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Updated 2020-12-08
Developer Tsuyoi Ko

Save the saint!

(Product description provided by the creator.)

■Change log
・Add event recollections to the recollection room.
・Add a panting effect to other than some erotic scenes.

The saint, who was invaded by the enemy country and became a hostage, was trapped in the prison of the enemy country. How many days have you been detained today? The saint has lost even a sense of time. One day, the saint hears a strange voice from the outside. Ah, it's a very different voice even for humans. By the way, it seems that the prison graduates have disappeared someday ... The angel saw a gap and helped the saint. But the real hell is here ...!

■About this game
・Erotic scenes (28 enemies + 8 traps + 6 bosses) are all dot animations!
・After clearing, there is a recollection mode.

・This work is based on the Cthulhu mythos. For explanations and personal interpretations of mythical creatures, please see ci-en. (Japanese)
・For those who cannot clear: Please see the bottom.


Circle :Tsuyoi Ko
Author :Seishi Shiroi([email protected])
※but if you have any comments and requests for the next work, please email me.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Since the damage is calculated every time you touch even during one attack, you can easily defeat even the boss by hitting ← → repeatedly while attacking.

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