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Updated 2020-01-12
Developer Hibiki Works
Language jap
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3.66 (70)

Natural Vacation

Original title: なちゅらるばけーしょん

Kairi stepped out of the air-conditioned bus and had to squint his eyes from the blinding sunlight and summer heat. When he slowly opened his eyes, he saw the sparkling azure ocean in front of him, with the clouds adding pockets of white to the sea of blue, and he smelled the faint scent of the ocean brought in by the gentle breeze. He moved here from the city to live with his grandfather after his parents went abroad for work. The kind townspeople welcomed him to their town, including two girls Haruka and Yuzuki.
Would you like to spend a wonderful summer break together with them in this town?

Natural Vacation screenshotNatural Vacation screenshotNatural Vacation screenshot

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