Natsu Doki! Harem ~Shinsekitaku de no Nayameru Juken Benkyou~ poster
Updated 2012-06-03
Developer TinkerBell
Language jap

Natsu Doki! Harem ~Shinsekitaku de no Nayameru Juken Benkyou~

Original title: なつドキ!ハーレム~親せき宅での悩める受験勉強~

Yuto failed a university entrance exam. He needs to study hard, but he is still down.... One day, his mother tells him to stay at Shizuru's house and study hard. Shizuru is his aunt and ex-teacher. When he arrives at her house, Shizuru and her daughters welcome him. He is surprised to see his beautifully grown up cousins. He soon decides to study hard there, but there are a lot of erotic temptations surrounded by beautiful girls....

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Under the Same Roof Harem Ending Cousin Incest Protagonist's Cousin as a Heroine Group Sex of One Male and Several Females Male Protagonist Blood-related Sister/Sister Incest Romancing a Family Multiple Endings Sister/Sister Incest Protagonist's Aunt as a Heroine Branching Plot Blood-related Aunt/Nephew Incest Family Heroine with Big Breasts ADV Lesbian Sex Adult Protagonist Classic Tsundere Heroine Deredere Heroine Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine High Sexual Content Twin Sisters as Heroines Student Heroine Heroine with Sexual Experience Adult Heroine Sexual Devices Vibrators Defloration Waitress Heroine Missionary Position Twin Blowjob Inbreeding Heroine with Ahoge Multiple Penetration University Student Protagonist More Than Seven Endings Doggy Style Female Ejaculation Panchira Naked Sprites Shimaidon Oyakodon Aunt/Nephew Incest Standing Sex Sitting Sex Bathroom Sex Heroine with Children Double Dildos Heroine with Pubic Hair Double Penetration (Group Sex) Vaginal + Anal Object Insertion Single Boobjob Single Handjob Single Blowjob Anal Sex Vaginal Fingering Sexual Content Blood-related Mother/Daughter Incest Widow Heroine Cowgirl Cunnilingus Dildos Sixty-nine Office Lady Heroine Discreet Sex Pregnant Sex Lactation During Sex Spoons Intercrural Sex Sex Involving Food Sex in Front of an Audience Object Insertion Legwear Footjob Reverse Missionary Pissing Anal Toys Single Hole Multiple Penetration Vaginal Gaping Sex in Public Places Ball-cupping Heroine with Tights Sexual Cosplay Sex on Toilet Long Sexual Scenes Female Domination Single Footjob Outdoor Sex Twin Handjob Teacher Heroine

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