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Updated 2020-01-17
Developer Ota Guchi Field
Language eng
Version v1.03

Mucchi Muchi Rural Life

This RPG is for adults only.

Can be enjoyed without having played the previous works.

* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

* The current version is [ver1.500]
- Added New MAP, 25 events, 10 illustrations.
- Bug fixed.
- Added New app "Muchi Muchi Rural Life - School Trip"
including 20 illustrations not incl. variations and 60+ events


The story is set in a small village... Kokko village.
The protagonist is Keko who is socially awkward.

One day, she is assigned to be the class rep and asked
by the teacher to put truant students back to the school.
She tries to be sociable with her changing up her look.

However, since she has long been away from social interactions,
she doesn't know how to communicate with people!

Taking advantage of her ignorance, villagers start teaching
her wrong common sense aiming at her nubile body...

Will she be able to rehabilitate her truant classmates!?


This RPG is specialized in open-ended plot development and sexual ignorance.

The very purpose of the game is to bring her truant classmates back to the school.
Almost no battles. You can see the ending without any battles.

Contains 101 illustrations when not counting variations
200+ free event scenes

Keko becomes able to do dirtier things as she levels up.

The ending changes depending on how you play the game.

There are individual routes for each main characters other than Yutaka.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

More details on the blog:

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