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Updated 2020-12-02
Developer Royal


Money or Die

Bell is an artisan working in town.
One day, on the way home from a product delivery, her carriage driver gets in a heated argument
about fortunes, and accidently crashes into another carriage belonging to a rich noble.

The accident causes a rip in an expensive painting, and her driver speeds off with the horse,
leaving Bell to be shouldered with the responsibility for the incident...!?

The price: 50,000 gold.
Her time limit: 5 weeks.

This busty girl must find a way to scrounge up some money, and quick!

Contains a unique battle system, quest system, title system, readable books, etc.
Virgin clear possible (high difficulty)
+ Gallery, CG Mode, partial event Lewdness branches included
+ Text skip, hide text box functionality

Estimated playtime: Approx. 10-40 hours


31 base CG (300+ CG including variations / expression variations)
43 HCG (50 events)
6 cut-ins (20+ including variations / expression variations)
3 battle rape scenes (with clothing variations)
3 animations (12 patterns)

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