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Updated 2020-05-14
Developer MOKO
Total size 384mb
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MOKO's Masturbation Support Training ~Escape Game~

[★Updated Ver1.0→Ver1.1 ★ 】
- Add naughty illustrations of the Peach Fox at the time of the shishiko voice (there is a titty difference).
- Ejaculation fueling voice addition(about 50 types) in the shikoshiko voice.
- Conversation other than the tutorial will proceed with auto.
(You can no longer skip the conversation, but the event will proceed with a freehand.))
- The treasure chest can be opened without a decision Key,and the battle starts with contact with the enemy, not the decision key.
(Basically, I made it possible to play game progress and onasapo only by the operation of the move.))
- Speed up the battle with the boss.
- Menu screen abolished.Display the number of times and the status of yourself and the stage boss on the screen.
- Add a dedicated button if you have ejaculated.You can move to penalty games from anywhere.
- Set the content of the punishment game strictly if you have ejaculated.
- Other minor adjustments such as changing the position and number of enemies, treasure chests, etc.

※Because the game content has changed greatly by the update, I will leave both ver1.0 and ver1.1 in the download file.Please use the one that is easy to use.

For the update, I used the reviews I received on the download page, my HP, Twitter, etc.(Also, I am sorry that I did not reflect it due to lack of technical skills.)
Game type onasapo series we think that we will create another work in the future.If you have any comments, please review it and it will be helpful for your next work(and I'm simply happy).We hope you enjoy it.


Onasapo system Game birth!

Collect enhanced items while escaping from the moving bonfire!
When caught in the bonfire, forced masturbation in the shishiko voice of the Peach Fox!
Defeat the boss and proceed to the stage,ejaculation permission if you click all!

About 1 hour until Game clear.Until then, ejaculation patience chin training!
As you progress through the stage, the difficulty increases!
The boss battle is auto battle.If you lose, the fire will increase and the hell will accelerate!

Bonfires are random moves+tracking moves!
Onasapo works that you can enjoy many times in the inevitable masturbation hell!

To defeat the boss, strengthening is essential…
However, if you stick too much to collect strengthening items, the chance of receiving this punishment increases naturally!?
Ejaculation=game over!Chinchin is your life point!

Other than the description of the game contents such as the tutorial, there is a voice!
Momoko-Chan will cheer up your masturbation or disdain and amuse me!
Even after all the clitoris until ejaculation permission is received, the mean-spirited bullying of momotsune-Chan continues...!?

The following page introduces the stages of Stage 2 and later that are not included in the trial version.
I think that you can read while imagining that your penis is bullied.

Illustration:Mori no Sama
Audio: yufusama hanamigawa
Game creation and editing:peach Fox
Game creator: RPG Maker MV

*Images and notice contents are subject to change during development.
※For operation, I think that it is okay if the PC RPG Maker MV work works, but please check the trial version.
※ Trial version, there are added bonus elements not in the product version.I think that it is interesting even if you try once those who purchase the product version (the trial version is made based on ver1. 0).















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