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Updated 2020-05-12
Developer MOKO
Total size 422mb
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Moko's Masturbation Support Battle ~Loli Fox~

updated to ver1. 1!~~~~~~
- Added punishment game mode if you ejaculate at the time of onasapo
- In the punishment game, you can receive continuous ejaculation training!
(Added new illustrations and voices.)With a release probability of 1 to 10%, I will continue to receive super high speed Shiko!)

Onasapo system battle game appeared!The battle function of RPG Maker game to onasapo as it is!

I was detained by the Lori Fox daughter, and started the match in a state where I can not move!
The purpose of the partner is to drink your semen, so it will come to set up a forced masturbation!
Let's put up with ejaculation while masturbating in accordance with the shikoshiko voice!

While enduring ejaculation, while choosing a choice, let's try to escape!
If you succeed in escaping, you can have reverse sex!
In reverse sex, various erotic mischief can be selected→finally let's defeat by bukkake ejaculation!
However, if you take the plunge to escape, you will be vigilant and strengthen this speed and length!
While choosing a choice Well, let's aim to clear desperately endure ejaculation!

You can taste super variety of ejaculation fueling(all 22 patterns)&forgive appeal voice(all 16 patterns)in full voice!
+This difficulty level is 5 stages&Pant voice you can enjoy in the blame even in the receiving in the back voice!
Total audio recording time approximately 35 minutes!With difficulty selection function, you can choose from normal, difficult, hell level!
Play time (ejaculation patience time)is up to luck,but ejaculation patience of 1 hour or more is also!?

★This opponent:Noja Lori Fox child"White Fox(shiroko)" - Chan introduction

She looks like a young girl,but her real age is hundreds of years old.
It was originally a powerful magical power,but it has been sealed the power by humans to do a bad long ago.
Since then, he has been studying the elixir of Resurrection while living in a cave that is less popular.

In fact, it is a ridiculous Beast.To diverge the sexual desire accumulated in the reservoir for many years、
He goes out into town and buys adult goods and lives in a cave.
Also detailed in modern sexual knowledge,how to Pant is erotic book-like by reading too much adult manga.
Erotic delusions are rich,but because there is no courage enough to fish a man, there is no experience of etch yet.

Illustration: retomakuro
Audio: yufusama hanamigawa
BGM-SE: Nota no Mori-魔王 様
Game creation and editing:peach Fox
Game creator: RPG Maker MV

*Images and notice contents are subject to change during development.
※For operation, I think that it is okay if the PC RPG Maker MV work works, but please check the trial version.










BGM・SE:Nota no Mori様・魔王魂様


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