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Updated 2020-11-25
Developer TeamJOKER

Minazuki-tan 2 ~Demons' Gate~

* Synopsis
A year passed since the incident. The Anti-Demon Miko Minazuki Takagaki
belongs to an exorchists' group to defeat demons on her mission to protect
the world from the demons' threat. After months of stillness, Minazuki
is informed of a new incident that leads her to a historic event...

* Systems
Tentacles / Interspecies r*pe / Masturbation / Machine r*pe

Event H scenes
H scenes during battles
Dress-up (corresponds to some events)

This RPG contains the features above.
Her mentality decreases upon enemies' attacks and when she gets
some particular attacks with the mentality decreased she gets an orgasm.
Losing in battles does not cause a game over. It will just bring you back to a base point.

Clothing customization changes all of in-battle H scenes and some event H scenes.

In the trial version, you can play the 1st stage and 5x event H scenes.

43 H events + 4 bonus stages as post-game content = 47
20 minor H scenes
15+ enemies have in-battle H attacks
30+ H attacks
900+ HCG incl. variations

This game is a sequel to:
Minazuki-tan ~InfiltraTitty Lewd Beast Academy~
( )
Can be enjoyed as a standalone product or even more so as a sequel.

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