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Language eng
Version 1.12
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This product contains the following titles:
"ItazuraVR (RE237328)"
"ItazuraVR DLC Bondage Costume (RE241501)"
"ItazuraVR DLC 5 Costumes,Color variations and 3 Hairstyle (RE241502)".

This is a set of ItazuraVR and its DLCs!

* ItazuraVR Update Ver1.13 *

Includes new sex positions:
- reverse cowgirl
- standing doggy
- standing missionary
- standing position

- fixes to the sex motions
- addition settings screen and language settings
- additional command to unlock anal sex
"command menu" - "TALK" - "How's School?"
* If requirements are met, a conversation event will be triggered to unlock positions

* Concept
The new horizon seen through the lens of Virtual Reality.
You see the heroine as if she actually is.
She responds to your movements thanks to
a new device which is capable of communication.

* Story
The cousin you used to play together suddenly came back and started to live next door.
She has grown into a fine, young woman. She is alone, so you are asked to look after her...

DLC Contents:
- Bondage Costume
- Vacation Swimwear
- Maid Costume
- Bikini (cobalt)
- Bikini (green polka dot)
- Bikini (yellow polka dot)
- Bikini (pink polka dot)
- Bikini (blue polka dot)
- Bikini (black)
- Bikini (red)
- Bikini (white)
- Bikini (yellow-green polka dot)
- Bikini (purple polka dot)
- Bikini (red polka dot)
- Cat-eared Maid (4 colors)

- Frilled
- String
- Stripe
- Pink
- Sky Blue
- Lime Green
- Yellow
- Orange
- Purple
- Red
- Black
- White
- Moca
- Two-tone

[Hairstyle] * 4 colors for each
- Ponytail (short)
- Ponytail (long)
- Twintail

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