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Updated 2022-02-05
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Midheaven: Winds of Ambition

The court of the Great Empire Shuengol swarms with whispers and schemes. Stay alive, storm your way to glory, raise your stat, choose your allies and Regals for they will be the winds to your ambitions.

☾ Genre: Fantasy, Drama.

☾ Routes: 4

☾ Endings: 20+

☾  Platforms: Itch.io

☾  Estimated Release Date: Demo 1.0: Winter 2020  Demo 2.0: Spring 2021


This game contains mature topics and potential disturbing contents, below we will list possible trigger warnings :

DeathBlood, gore Fantasy racism, racial slurs and slaveryViolencePornographic contentKidnapping and abductionFantasy racial violenceSelf-harm and suicide

If you are uncomfortable with those topics or under the age of 18, please proceed with caution. Please take care of yourself first and foremost


Midheaven: Winds of Ambition follows the tale of a young Mahyine (an original species of the Midheaven saga, with naga-like features) noble in court who determines to follow their ambitions, along with the presence of one of the four Regals.

Winds of Ambition is a stats-raising visual novel, where every choice can result in the most fatal outcome. The objective of the game is keeping the protagonist alive for 12 seasons, and marry one of the four Regals. 

☾ Choose your Origin

Soreiyuu, Alaam, Narsi, which will affect the initial stats of the protagonist:

House Soreiyuu - with a higher status of Intelligence; House Alaam - with a higher status of Magic; and House Narsi - with a higher status of Charm.

☾ Stat Raising

The player will schedule the protagonist to perform their duties and extracurricular studies/activities to increase their proficiency in various statistics. With diverse skill combinations and titles, the protagonist will have many ways to influence the scene, tackle problems, make friends or enemies.

☾ Choice Matters

What you say, what you do, the decision is yours to make as long as you have the skills and attributes. The ambitious, cunning protagonists can fail and might even end up dead in later years, and it’s all up to you.

☾ Story Events

With an extensive cast of colorful characters, you can be privy to plenty of hearsays and secrets in the Court. Be it whispers from the past or glimpse of the future, you will see them during various interactions. Some of them might help you advance in your ambitions, while others will make you rethink your choices.

As the moon phases progress, the protagonist is presented with various social opportunities and adversities. When they occur, the game performs checks on the protagonist's current skills and chooses an outcome, sometimes without giving the player the option of interceding.


☾ Favor System & Character Events 

Build complex relationships - Get to the good side of your seniors, your fellows, your ambition interests, or intentionally anger them. Relationships can be tricky, especially when you joined the Court as a low-ranking Attendant.

Each Regal, Officer and fellow Attendant has different preferences, so the skills and choices of the protagonist shall decide the nature of the relationship.

After each moon phase, the protagonist is able to choose what they would do in their free time: bonding with the fellow Court Attendants, working with them, or working with the esteemed Officers. Time is scarce, choose carefully who you want to spend time with.

☾ Multiple Endings

In Demo 2.0 (Spring 2021), you will have 08 bonus “endings” and 01 official ending. 

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