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Updated 2022-11-12
Developer Hollow Rose Studios
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An Everyday Love

An Everyday Love is a slice-of-life, contemporary otome in which players can customize their protagonist, romance, and friendship, figuring out what it takes to find (and keep) an everyday love.


Being young is the best - you’re full of energy, relentlessly optimistic, and can take on as many risks as you want . . .  is a saying that has never applied to you. No, you’re tired and just trying to make it through each day. 

As a 24-year-old marketing assistant living in the city, day-to-day life is difficult enough, and you’ve had to put your dream of writing a novel on the wayside. After your boss asks you to complete a new assignment at work, you unwittingly begin a new chapter in your life, allowing you to pursue romance, strengthen your friendships, and take a leap to fulfill your dream. 

The choices you make will determine your success. No matter how much you may have struggled in the past, maybe an everyday love is still possible for you . . .         


                                                                    - text version-

Logan Williamson: The polite but mysterious senior manager who’s widely admired by his colleagues . . . even as they simultaneously gossip about how his uncle, the CEO, may have given him the role. His reserved demeanor belies a perceptive eye that can intuit the emotions of those around him . . . including you.

Ezra Hale: The serious analyst who’s known for being direct and meticulous. He previously worked for a larger company and left without an explanation, his private life unknown to his co-workers. Still, he’s not unkind and seems to respect your work ethic.

Adrian Reyes: The upbeat and easily flustered personal trainer. Despite his easy-going nature, he doesn’t appreciate being condescended to and values your willingness to accept him and his eccentricities.~2-3 hours of contentCustomizable character selection3 CGsFirst chapter of each routeNew GUI/interfaceNo spicy content, but plenty of teasing

Wordcount ~220,000 words (estimated ~5 hours gameplay for each full route)

CGs - Six special images per character (viewable through image gallery)

Customizable MC - Rename the main character and select her skin color and body type (3 skin tones, 2 hairstyles, and 2 body types). This character will appear in special CGs.

Choice Variation - Make choices that customize, advance, or deter romance and/or friendship

Endings - A best ending, worst ending, and two neutral endings per character

Bonus Stories - Two bonus stories for each love interest, unlocked through completing the best and worst endings for their respective routes.

Optional Spicy content  (no graphic images, only written descriptions and not in the demo) -  Players can decide if they want a sweet or spicy romance without impacting the good/bad ending outcome. Consent is emphasized multiple times, allowing players to change their mind at multiple points, all with their own fluffy alternatives! In the main game, there are a bunch of inappropriate jokes and a couple of gags, so an older audience (18+)  is still preferred regardless of whether or not the spicy content is explored.

Free Walkthrough

Optional Bonus Content Pamphlet - for a $5 donation, receive a 32-page pamphlet with behind the scenes insight from the developer, a fun quiz, letters from the LIs, bonus art, song lyrics and more!

TW (spoilers): Medical trauma, death, workplace abuse, biphobia, family abandonment, workplace racism,  car accident injury

If you come across any issues in downloading the game or find grammar issues, feel free to submit these issues via .Further updates will be viewed on the Dev Blog,  , , and Reddit


Written, drawn, and programmed by Hollow Rose StudiosMusic by ,   , , , , , and Phone asset by

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