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Updated 2016-10-25
Developer Desert girl
Language jap
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Melody devil girl sings

Kiss and screw
the audacious devilette
to make her obedient!
Until she's begging...

A love story ADV with multiple endings;
The meeting and crossed fates of a guy and a devil girl.

The story follows the protagonist who lives alone.
Suddenly, a brazen demon shows up, all spitfire and attitude,
but for some reason romantic toward him.

"You want me to do things to you, didn't you?"

"Yes... do things to me. Tease me..."

"Look at your nipples standing up! You hentai!"

"I'm going to cum from my tiiiiiiits!"

Will this strange couple's journey end in joy or tears?

Melody devil girl sings screenshotMelody devil girl sings screenshotMelody devil girl sings screenshot

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