Marle and the Labyrinth of the Dark Sea poster
Updated 2019-05-15
Developer Yumenamakonn
Language eng
Version 1.02

Marle and the Labyrinth of the Dark Sea

* Story
Marle has been known as one of the archmagicians since she defeated
a dragon and saved the country from its threat, despite her younger age.
Now she goes from one mystic place to another out of her keen curiosity.

One of these days, she overhears that an undersea historical site has been discovered
near an island called Isora isle. In search of new spells, she soon heads to the place.
Upon arriving, however, she finds that the site is rather a labyrinth inhabited
by new types of monsters that weaken human's power and increase desires......

* There are plenty of in-battle H scenes.
Monsters in the labyrinth carry out sexual attacks.
If she failed to resist attacks by humans or monsters,
she will be molested during the battle.
Plus there are a variety of H scenes other than in-battle H scenes.

* System
The protagonist Marle is an outstanding sorceress. Most monsters are
no match for her as long as she is healthy. However, if she gets dizzy from
too strong sexual pleasure, she would have difficulties in battles.
Therefore, please be careful not to take enemies' sexual attacks.

* Situations
Gangbang, masturbation, humiliation, tentacles, hypnosis, brainwash, lewd emblem, vore (pleasuring type) etc.

* Passive Skills
She may get passive skills like "Addiction to Masturbation" as she goes through
various experiences. These passive skills make her body vulnerable to sexual things
so that she may feel particularly better in some situations and even succumb to particular enemies.
Maybe some H scenes change in relation to passive skills......

* You can enjoy fishing. You can ignore this and go through the labyrinth, though.

* Base CG + Pose art = 20+
In-battle H scenes are shown with both CG and pose art.
Also, there are H scenes other than in-battle H scenes.

* Functions Implemented:
- Difficulty level options
- Reminiscene mode
- CG gallery
- H scene skip
- Message skip
- Auto messaging
- On/off text window
- Battle speed options

* Note *
- This game is created using RPG TKool VX Ace.
- Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

* Illustration*
- Kutan

* Created with Heptanas Crawl and other script materials

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