Magical Girl LUCHIA: Magi Curvy Loli poster
Updated 2018-02-16
Developer tillwink
Language jap

Magical Girl LUCHIA: Magi Curvy Loli


Luchia Muchino was a curvy lolita with a sexy swimsuit tan,
athletically gifted but not as perky or outgoing as she used to be.
She was at that awkward self-conscious age.
When Rammit saw a power hidden in Luccia,
he nominated her to become the next magical girl.

Ashamed as she was, Luccia got all but naked, wearing the skimpy
gloves and pantiless garter straps that were a magical girl's battle gear.
Then it was off to war in the magical realm of Gehennalion.

What was this power in Luchia that even she didn't know?

The power of "H"......


Fire a magical ball at the press of a button;
Guide Luchia up a tower transformed by evil.
Gameplay is action RPG and dungeon exploration.
Fend off hentai orcs who can strike any time...

If Luchia's HP and MP are drained... embrace the r*pe!
Spread those loli legs!
The power of enemy spunk will restore Luchia.

Attack! Attack! Get r*ped and restore! Attack!
That's how victory cums.

* Arousal system
* Bukkake system
* Diverse H scenes
--- semen swallowing
--- gangbangs
--- futanari r*pe
--- hole in wall r*pe
--- bondage swing
--- analingus on filthy orcs
--- little hole crammed with hugeness
--- tentacle toilet
... and more

* 23 total H scenes
* 20 base CGs, loads of variants

Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free).
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
Current version: 1.3 (Nov 2, 2014)

Magical Girl LUCHIA: Magi Curvy Loli screenshotMagical Girl LUCHIA: Magi Curvy Loli screenshotMagical Girl LUCHIA: Magi Curvy Loli screenshot

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