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Updated 2016-03-09
Developer Searothonc
Language eng
Version 1.1.3

Magic Protects Her Purity

Young Gitta wants to be a witch.
She helps out people in town and follows the guidance of a senior witch,
growing and learning to fulfill her dream.
But, it seems like every rite of passage is something sexual.
Gitta is innocent. Can she become a witch without sacrificing that?
Or is throwing it away the easiest trial in her path to witchdom?
You, the player, decide.

Shojo Wo Mamoru Mahou
(lit., "The Magic That Protects The Virgin")
An Erotic Bishoujo Protagonist RPG

- Sekuhara animations
- Failed battle r*pe scenes!
- Ecchi QTEs (Quick Time Events) are last-minute salvation for Gitta's purity!
(You can skip QTEs straight to the sex; it's a defensive option)

Play as an innocent or a nymphomaniac! Or somewhere in between.
You can beat the game without losing Gitta's virginity.
Otherwise the title would be kind of misleading, wouldn't it?

There are three lines of defense: her breakable outfit, her protective magic, and QTEs.
You are in relative control of the "risk" of ecchi scenes. Push it to the limit
then evade, stay forever safe, or dance the lines, laughing in the face of horny enemies,
moments from disgrace, daring the deflowering to happen!
The heroine's fate is in your hands. Or, hand... because...

* Features
This game was created with "one handed play" in mind.
You can do everything with directional movement and 2 buttons.
Typical 12-button controllers are fine, but also one handed gamepads
or joysticks with minimal buttons are also fine.

Backlog and skip options are included.
You can auto-run and walk by pressing a button, or vice versa.
Hints are also included. If you lose your way in the main story
there's an easy reminder of your next goal in the menu!
That frees you up to save and load and search for erotic events.

5 chapters of story (+ prologue, epilogue)
75 events + 17 sexual harassments + 34 r*pe fail scenes
Approx 8 to 10 hours of playability

Created with RPG Tkool VX Ace.
Supporting software included, no need to download separately.

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