Lost Fragments - An Otoko-no-ko is Given Status Effects, Reverse R*ped, and Defeated poster
Updated 2020-07-28
Developer RR Research Society
Rip by s-hentai

Lost Fragments - An Otoko-no-ko is Given Status Effects, Reverse R*ped, and Defeated

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Carelessness can lead this otoko-no-ko to inevitable defeat in this reverse r*pe RPG!
Over 50 status effects included!
Some status effects include special graphics!

23 battle characters + 29 reverse r*pe CG (+ variations) (+15 status effect CG +variations)

You come to your senses and realize you are in the game that you were just playing.
The isekai transfer you had wished for. And you get to be an otoko no ko!
However, your peaceful life was short-lived, and the days of ecchi battles with monster girls begin...


--- Situations ---
- Binding
- Sticky binding
- Wrapped in bamboo mat
- Submission
- Hand job
- Foot job
- Cowgirl
- Level absorption
- Ejaculation management and more!

* This game is designed masochistically.
* For the main story, there is a "cheat mode" option where you can progress the story even if you are defeated.

* Specifications *
- All battles are mouse controlled
- Debug mode available / Plenty of config. menus
- Message skip / Auto messaging
- Over 50 status effects implemented
- Level absorption system
- "Cheat mode" implemented
- Bonus ending content
- Adjustable battle speed

* Especially recommended for those who:
- love to be defeated!
- love status effects!
- love watching otoko no ko get status effected!
- love monster girls!
- love getting r*ped by monster girls!
- think that humiliation is the best situation ever!
- want to be reverse-r*ped even during battles!

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

* Materials credited to Mizinko Materials (CV: Phan Masaki)
and other creators listed on an included file.

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