Isolated Witches - Femboy is Defeated With Status Effects and Raped poster
Updated 2020-03-18
Developer RR Research Society
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Rip by s-hentai

Isolated Witches - Femboy is Defeated With Status Effects and Raped

A femboy fights witches while suffering from status effects! Over 50 different effects to endure!
Even if you lose, you can continue on to unlock more and more fully-animated CG violation!

22 different characters
23 rape CGs!
Includes some variations based on status and bondage!

What kind of game is this?

An RPG where making the wrong choices can really cost you!
After every defeat lies full-on, no reversal, female-on-male rape!
Even so, you can continue playing!
Human and monster girl witches await you!

Witches have suddenly appeared in a certain district of town!
Witches attack humans, rape them, and then kill them... but they're nocturnal.
To take back the night, one boy attempts to drive the creatures out...

- Choosing a cute trademark pose...
- Getting trapped in sticky slime...
- Hip-shaking in weird sludge...
- Drugged breath control...
- Being made into a cute decoration...
- Being made to love your partner while they rape you...
- Increasing sensitivity while getting whipped...
- Paralyzed by a feather robe...
- Walked on by nobodies while being made fun of...

And more!

* Heavy on masochist content.
* There is a cheat mode in case you are having trouble advancing.

- All rape CGs are animated
- Debug battles
- Message skip/automation
- Status effect equipping
- 4 difficulty levels
- Cheat mode
- Change settings any time from the options menu

Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.

Materials used:
- Mizinko Materials (CV: Phan Masaki)
Others are mentioned in the attached file.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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