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Updated 2016-04-04
Developer sekashia
Language jap
Download via k2s.cc
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1.66 (26)

L'oiseau Bleu

Momiji Myojin has joined a large-scale orgy party called the Loiseau Bleu.
Everywhere she goes she's drawn into calamities.
It's a struggle, but any chance to improve her sexual technique is welcome.
Her ultimate hope is to find Mister Right

* A comedic ecchi RPG.
The player controls Momiji and participates in events.
Locations all have an erotic event so look around, and aim to progress the story.

Please note that all sex is consensual in this story.

Playtime: 1 hour
24 HCGs / 24 event locations

L'oiseau Bleu screenshotL'oiseau Bleu screenshotL'oiseau Bleu screenshot

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