THE NPC SEX ~MY NEET...(Omitted)~ poster
Updated 2020-05-29
Version 1.5
Developer Nijigen Goten
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2.22 (715)

THE NPC SEX ~MY NEET...(Omitted)~

Play as a NEET that has been reincarnated in an RPG-style world.
Use your cheat powers (or not) to violate all the NPC girls!
Though this is a sequel, you can enjoy it all on its own!

From the town guide, to some noblewomen, to some girls at the casino!
Enjoy sex with a variety of girls of different trades and backgrounds,
with some containing both normal and "lewd cheat mode" versions.

Made in RPG TKool MV.
Contains windowed mode on / off, text skip, and save / load functionality.
No combat or endings.

* "Lewd Cheat Mode" scenes to be added after release.

THE NPC SEX ~MY NEET...(Omitted)~ screenshotTHE NPC SEX ~MY NEET...(Omitted)~ screenshot

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