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Updated 2018-02-22
Developer Alibi
Size 53mb
Language eng
Version 1.01
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Liz's H Project v1.01

8 new CGs added

* Story

To have some fun in summer, Liz and her servant Miraluca decide to invade the human world.
Liz could spread her virus by sex.
People who are infected become their servants.
They've started an unconventional war!

* System

Liz's H Project is turn-based strategy.
Your heroine infects people and people infect each other.
You gain Magic Pts from your infectors every town and use them to strengthen your heroines or develop new abilities.
Infect all people as quickly as possible to win the game.


Please play the trial to confirm compatibility before purchase.
Recommend purchase with a registered member account for access to patches, updates.

If you have any questions about the game please leave your message in English here:

Liz's H Project v1.01 screenshotLiz's H Project v1.01 screenshot

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