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Updated 2021-10-23
Developer Neko no Meme
Total size 1gb
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Live A Battle

In short, early access is a game that starts selling things that are under development before the game is finished.、
It is to aim for completion while repeating the update.

When finished, this notation will be erased.

The benefits of early access are as follows.
-Can be purchased at a lower price than when finished.
- Play the game faster before it's finished
- You can enjoy the game changing with each update.
- You may be able to experiment with experimental features that can only be used during early access.

The disadvantages are as follows.
・ There is a bug.
- Not all features are complete.

【Future plans】
Update in 1-2 months, depending on the content
We will increase the price by about 100-300 yen with each update.

It is planned that it will be around 4,000 yen when it is finally completed.

【Current game completion】
- Waza Motion 70%
- Character 60%
- Costume 70%
- Stage 60%
- Battle system 80% (CPU operation etc.)
- Arcade mode 80%
- Gallery mode 80%
- Game mode 80%
- Item (shop related) 40%
- Sound relationship 50% 
-Debug 60%

This is a great game, but it's a great game, and it's a great game, and it's a great game, and it's a great game, and it's a great game, and it's a great game, and it's a great game, and it's a great game, and it's a great game, and it's a great game, and it's a great game、
The update content will include AI enhancement, system reinforcement and addition.
The progress of the game will be updated at Ci-en at any time, so please see there.

Also, this work is a 3D game, so I think that specs will be necessary to a certain extent on the PC.
It is recommended that you purchase it after confirming the operation in the trial version, because the specifications shown are reference values.

When the operation is heavy because we have provided a graphic setting in the options in the game, please try to adjust it once there.








・技モーション 70%
・キャラ 60%
・コスチューム 70%
・ステージ 60%
・対戦システム 80%(CPU動作など)
・アーケードモード 80%
・ギャラリーモード 80%
・ゲームモード 80%
・アイテム(ショップ関係) 40%
・サウンド関係 50% 
・デバッグ 60%




The game by Neko no Meme is published for you by and is available for free to download right now. The total size of this game is 1 GB. Try to play other 3d works and fighting/martial arts free games to find the best. Take a look at the screenshots of the game to meet the style and the gameplay. Share your opinion about this game to help other players know more about it. Find more adult games like this using our rich search.

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Game screenshots:
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