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Updated 2019-08-15
Version v1.00
Developer E-made+
Language eng,rus
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2.19 (2700)

Little Life

You're on your way home when you come across a fun-sized girl
and decide to take her in to live in your house.

She says that she will be picked up in 3 weeks, and you will look after her until then.

Will you be able to safely return her back to her original world?

[Game Overview]
The main objective of the game is to return her to her original world.
As the days progress, the activities you can enjoy increase.

In addition, various creatures come to violate her through different events
and if you can't protect her you end up moving into an H bad ending.

10 H animations
5 Types of items in teasing mode
7 Types of death endings + extra

In addition, depending on the girl's different parameters and selections,
you can reach 5 different endings.

[Enemy Characters]
Spider, mouse, dog, octopus, crow, frog, snake, giant fly, tick

[Gallery Mode]
By unlocking different H scenes, death scenes, etc. you can view these animations.

Little Life screenshotLittle Life screenshotLittle Life screenshotLittle Life screenshotLittle Life screenshot

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